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I graduated with my degree in B. F. A. - Bachelor's in Fine Art (Applied Art) in 2012

from Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai specializing in Exhibition Display Design and Stagecraft ( Spatial Design). 

I am an Artist and I believe designing is a beautiful problem-solving process that always leads to extraordinary results and that a good challenge offers an opportunity to develop and improve at every stage, which is why I always seek more and more opportunities that help me become a better version of myself.

Since beginning my professional journey, I’ve been lucky to have worked on some exciting solo and collaborative projects and provided my best ideas and designs. I take pride in all that I do and in the long-term relationships, I foster during the process. I firmly believe that hard work and true self eventually pay off.


Let's work together !!

 +91 93268 31001 | +91 99209 89555

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